How To Make Olive Oil And Sugar Scrub At Home



olive oil is good for oily skin

Can You Use Olive Oil In A Sugar Scrub?

Yes! A sugar scrub can be a strong exfoliant, and with olive oil, it becomes gentler.

So if you are looking for a way to soften your skin through gentle exfoliation, using olive oil in the sugar mix will help you achieve that end result.

If applied to damp skin or immediately after a shower, rubbing this mixture onto your wet body will help to moisturize and soften your skin.

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What Does Exfoliation Do?

Removing dead skin cells helps in collagen production, removes wrinkles, improves the texture of your skin, and results in a more evened-out complexion.
You will even get rid of blackheads and whiteheads by using a good exfoliator.
Exfoliation also reduces your pore size, which makes your skin glow.

Is Olive Oil And Sugar Scrub Good For Your Face?

sugar and olive oil scrub


Depends on how you make it.

The truth is there’s no way to be too specific with a scrub recipe because they can vary greatly.

You could have sugar, salt, honey, papaya extract, avocado oil… the list goes on and has infinite combinations of ingredients you can put in them.

You are better off making your own homemade scrub(s) at home based on what you need for your face (i.e oily skin or dry skin) rather than relying solely on a commercially made one that may only cater to one issue/skin type.


How I Came Across This Olive Oil Sugar Exfoliator

I purchased an expensive olive oil and sugar scrub from the store once and loved it.
But I was not willing to repurchase the product because of its hefty price.
I thought to myself – if olive oil and sugar are the only two main ingredients in the scrub, I can try to make it myself.
I had both the ingredients available in the kitchen.
I quickly looked up the recipe for a simple exfoliating scrub on Pinterest, and soon had this DIY recipe that you are reading today.
This olive oil sugar scrub has made a huge difference to my skin.
My pores are smaller, blackheads are gone, and my skin actually glows.
Who knew you could do this in the comfort of your home?


olive oil and sugar scrub

Does Sugar And Olive Oil Lighten Skin?

Sugar can lighten and soften your skin after just a few applications – all you need is sugar, vegetable oil, aloe vera.

Mixing equal parts of granulated white sugar with the liquid in one bowl or cup will work wonders for your face.

Simply apply it onto the desired area of skin before bedtime to reap its benefits!

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